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Less is More in Structured Cabling

Aktualisiert: 29. März 2020

Less is More in Structured Cabling, by Patrick Smith, President, SK Cabling Inc.

In today’s IT business environment, whether its virtualization or cloud servers, less is more. Less space, less power, less management, less expense and more horse power, giving the business user more to work with.

The same principles should apply to Network infrastructure in the office.  There is absolutely no need to over-cable or over-wire workstations with more cable than one or two drops. Similarly, it is NOT better to install the most expensive Category 6A cable you can get.  That’s a misnomer that most people don’t understand.  The more wire you install, and the more expensive it is, does not mean anything except for more money out of your pocket!

Always go with a reputable cable manufacturer who will provide a warranty.  Also, note that mid- range grades of Category 6 cable installed to the work station, provide more than enough bandwidth to take you to the moon or even Mars. And when it comes to big data users like TV broadcasters or developers, just add in a good piece of OM3 or OM 4 fiber optic wires to the workstation at a fraction of the price of copper cable and fire away! Don’t let anybody fool you about the cost of fiber switches either; they have come way down in the last few years.

The other big development is IP systems that allow you to use one wired network connection for your work station CPU and telephone; so who needs more expensive wire? You don’t!!

So take my advice business users, less is more when it comes to network cabling, and in the process we can save more of our limited resources. #telecommunication #cabling #informationtechnology

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